Welcome to Lunch Bites Limited

With years of experience in the sandwich business, we know that making sandwiches and rolls every morning is a time consuming process. How do you make all those sandwiches, filled rolls, panini’s, bagels and croissants and your hot dishes and the coffee, all before opening time, so that your food cabinet looks perfect for your first customer?

The answer is simple. Give us a call!

As a manufacturer, we can supply you with wholesale, made to order, filled bread products that you would be proud to call your own. We supply cafes, schools, supermarkets, service stations, sports groups and companies with wholesome, healthy brunch and lunchtime products, that can be packaged to suit your individual needs. And we deliver! We also offer a wide range of gluten and dairy free products to cater for those with allergies.

Feel free to Contact Us to discuss your individual requirements.